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Location – Maharashtra, IN

Job description

Position Summary with Job Responsibilities
Purpose of the position

The role will be responsible for managing warehouse operations by supplying uninterrupted supply of right quality of material to manufacturing with optimum resources within TML and /or from Service Providers by complying to Safety, regulatory requirements and company policies.

Dimensions of the position


Personal Profile

Education-B.E./B. Tech (Mechanical/Elec.)

Skills/ Competencies

  1. Driving Execution
  2. Customer Centricity
  3. Leading Change
  4. Operations Management
  5. Business and financial acumen
  6. Problem solving orientation.
  7. Risk management


Work Experience

Relevant Experience :

  1. Must possess overall experience of 4-8 years in the Supply Chain management, and must possess sound technical knowledge of Warehousing Operations of minimum 2 years

Key Responsibilities:

S.N.Key Responsibility & Key Tasks Measures

  1. Warehousing operations management
  • Prepare shop wise plan and execute inbound material receipt, its safe storage and issue as per production plan
  • Ensure availability of material at right consumption point and escalate non-availability of material as per MIN MAX levels in order to ensure uptime of production levels
  • Drive Smooth Material flow from receiving to point of use
  • Adhere to JIS/JIT/Kanban methodologies for lean inventory management
  • Prepare shop wise layout and material flow solutions for optimisation of regular / new project material as per WCQ standard (ex FIFO, PEFP, Pull system etc.)
  • Manage documentation as per laid down guidelines of Legal compliance and various audits
  • Drive continuous improvements through various kaizen to address issues and improve efficiency & effectivity
  • Zero Downtime
  • Timely closure of Audit Observations
  • Zero Non-compliance to Processes
  • Minimise Internal material handling damages
  • Zero Accident
  1. Warehousing & Operations Planning
  • Suggest design and utilisation of Shop warehouse for effective utilisation of space and material flow
  • Execute safe handling of material facilities
  1. Inventory management & obsolescence
  • Execute receipt of Material, its Storage and Issue to Line
  • Execute Engineering Change Management initiatives
  • Perform Cycle Inventory as per statutory requirement and as per company guidelines
  • Co-ordinate with SCM for minimising generation of non-moving / obsolescence materials
  • Minimise Material discrepancy
  • Minimise Obsolescence
  1. Quality Management
  • Ensure quality ok parts deliver to line
  • Maximise Green packaging and damaged free parts and issue to line
  • No of returnable packaging
  1. Safety Management
  • Adhere to the material handling guidelines
  • Monitor and execute safety practices and its compliance
  • Zero Accident
  1. Cost Management
  • Plan and propose annual Budget requirement of respective area.
  • Monitor the cost of material handling damage and plan for minimisation of the internal material handling damages.
  • Budget v/s Actual
  • Rejection Cost

Tata Motors Leadership Competencies

  • Customer Centricity – Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer (stakeholders) needs or expectations
  • Developing Self and Others – Recognizing continuous development is essential for success and taking steps to develop self and helping others to excel
  • Driving Execution – Translating strategy into action and execution
  • Leading by Example – Encouraging and following ethical standards
  • Leading Change – Recognizing the need for change, initiating and adapting to change
  • Motivating Self and Others – Inspiring teams and individuals

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