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Position – Facility Coordinator
Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka

Job description

This position in Bangalore will part of a newly formed team consisting of a Facility site lead, Facility coordinator and a workplace services coordinator. The focus will be day to day operations of maintaining the space as per MathWorks world-wide standards. Primary responsibility will be to coordinate service and maintenance activities such as Engineering and Maintenance, vendor management, Security, etc., In this role with guidance from Facilities site lead, you will be responsible for day to day coordination with vendors providing world class maintenance and services


  1. Support Facility site lead on Vendor management, budget, contracts, and procurement
    • Perform vendor coordination tasks, tracking and reporting performance, escalation
  2. Support Facility site lead to establishing process, practice, and guidelines consistent with our worldwide offices
    • Utilize the practices and procedures developed to carryout Facility operations
  3. Coordinate Property management and Facility management activities for the Bangalore office
    • All coordination pertaining to the building management team and site service providers
    • Execute all corrective actions as necessary
  4. Support Facility site lead to physical security activities
    • Provide constant communication and direction for Technical Physical Security activities
    • Perform activities pertaining to on-site safety standards
  5. Support major projects and lead minor modification projects
    • Provide operational support to activate new spaces
    • Plan and execute minor projects as per guidance from Facility site lead
  6. Actively monitor the help ticket system and coordinate work orders
    • Timely response and escalation
    • Coordinate work orders for all planned and unplanned maintenance

Minimum Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree and 1 year of professional work experience (or equivalent experience) is required.

Additional Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree from a related field. Engineering degree with Electrical or mechanical will be preferred.
  • 3 plus years of experience in a Facility management role with a large multinational corporation.
  • Certifications and training: Health and safety, Energy management
  • Knowledge: A broad knowledge of Facility management systems including Help desk system, BMS, FAS, Access, and CCTV, etc.,
  • Exposure to Facility management practices
  • Vendor management and procurement process
  • Stakeholder management
  • Facility systems including help and maintenance systems
  • Good written and verbal
  • Records and reporting
  • Proven decision making and escalation
  • Experience in MS Office

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