Ford Motor Company is hiring | DES Engineer |

Position – DES Engineer
Company – Ford Motor Company
Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN

Job description

  • Strong discrete event simulation tools expertise (Tools: PlantSim, AutoMod, Simul8, FlexSim, Witness, etc) with industrial engineering knowledge.
  • Perform the simulation activities like simulation input collection, model building, and analysis using discrete event simulation tools for Vehicle, Powertrain & Battery Manufacturing facilities.
  • Should have expertise in Throughput simulation, Material flow simulations, Pedestrian flow simulations, and statistical analysis, etc.
  • Bachelor of Engineering /Technology in Mechanical/Manufacturing/Production/Industrial Engg
  • Using Discrete event simulation tools evaluate and optimize operating parameters to improve the system performance by throughput simulation and determine the number of PMHVs, AGVs, etc required for Material Flow.
  • Professional experience in software packages PlantSim /Simul8 /AutoMod / FlexSim/ Witness used for discrete event simulation.
  • Strong analytical and programming skills are required.
  • Basic concepts of Industrial Engineering, Statistics & Data Analytics & communication skills are required.
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