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Position – Senior Product Design Engineer
Company – Faurecia
Location – Pune, Maharashtra, IN

Job description

Overall responsibilities and duties:
  • Mandatory Design Kick-off at the beginning of the program (align with Scope, org chart, timing, Milestones, etc.)
  • For his perimeter, define technical solutions and CAD data (2D & 3D) using proper Faurecia standard templates and CAD methodology
  • Program delivery planning and execution
  • Concept design, Master sections
  • Serial design specification
  • Functional drawings
  • RPS
  • Tolerance stack book
  • GD&T (including KC for internal and customer needs)
  • To be able to give training to Design Engineers.
  • Conduct weekly design reviews with team and management
  • Mandatory Top 5 with a team to define work and feedback from the previous day
  • Quote CMI and get it validated from SPDE
  • Maintain team level SLI and discuss with SPDE for open points
  • Faurecia Product Standards and Guidelines.
  • Customer constraints and specifications.
  • Applicable regulations and legislation.
  • Validate RFT for team members
  • Assign detailed work to Project Design team through appropriated method resource loading as per Kanban
  • Ensure the Project Design team are aware of Faurecia Product Standards and Guidelines, and customer constraints and specifications.
  • Ensure process feasibility of the product design and A-Surfaces (with GTS team if needed).
  • Ensure overall product “Design for Performance” (including implementation into CAD of inputs with regard to results of the simulation, tests, and validation to meet performance criteria) with the development engineering team, if needed.
  • Understand product performance with EMI/EMC, IP Rating (water & Dust), thermal considerations
  • Support the KPC identification. Support DFMEA.
  • At the end of a program, make appropriate capitalization documents (Lessons learned, Technical Reports) to feed/improve Design and Development standards and guidelines.
  • Identify training needs for the team members based on their skill matrix To uphold & abide by code of ethics & Management.
  • Awareness of QMs policy & Processes
  • Ensuring all work processes & procedures are in line with QMS objectives & reporting any incident of deviation from QMS.


  • To validate the work results of the Design team and RFT on a daily basis
  • Performance tracking of Design Engineers with feedback to D&D Deputy Manager on an improvement plan.
  • Negotiation with a counterpart on matters pertaining to the delivery date, deliverables, and billable hours.

The main missions of the role are:

  • Responsible for detailed product design according to standards and guidelines.
  • Translate defined product design performance criteria in CAD data & specifications.
  • Masters specific areas of IP, DP, or CC of a given technology.
  • Understand electronics requirements for products like EMI/EMC, IP Ratings for water and dust, connectors and wire harness, thermal considerations.


The ideal candidate will have/be:

Minimum education level: Engineering degree, or significant professional experience


  • Engineering degree, or significant professional experience
  • Relevant experience of 5+ Years in design as a design engineer in automotive interior design
  • English required, and customer’s language strongly encouraged
  • Able to work in a multicultural environment
  • Knowledge of CAD software including CATIA
Skills and competencies
  • Thorough /knowledge of program-specific CAD software.
  • Thorough experience in designing in the required domain, i.e. Automotive Interiors
  • Good knowledge of CAD Methodology and best practices and tooling knowledge
  • Knowledge of assigned program timing and deliverables at each milestone
  • Knowledge of program standards, tools, and methods like Tolerance stack, DFMEA, CAE
  • Problem-solving techniques. Exposure to 8D and QRCI
  • Strategic and analytical capabilities.
  • Electromechanical skills will be added advantage.

Join our community and share our convictions

As a company we believe in making a positive contribution to society.
  • The individual and collective efforts of our Faurecian community embody our values and convictions every day.
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Our Faurecia Foundation supports projects proposed each year by employees, helping us to make a bigger impact on issues related to the environment, education, and mobility. In addition, our employees are regularly involved in programs to give back to their local communities through donations or volunteering.
CO2 neutral
  • We have set an ambitious target to be CO2 neutral by 2030. We focus on four workstreams: energy and waste savings in plants, ecodesign, recycled and bio-materials, purchasing, and transportation.
Help people grow
  • Faurecia is committed to ensuring the employability of our staff throughout their working life with lifelong learning, professional mobility, and on-the-job training. We offered 19.2 hours of training per employee in 2020.
Diversity, an energizer for business
  • We value diversity and involve all Faurecians in creating an inclusive work environment that values each person’s individuality, fosters individual development, and actively counters unconscious bias.

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