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Position – Engineer – Master Production Scheduler

Company – Emerson
Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN

Job description

Factor I: Accountability
  • For all KOB kinds, the complete client order is expected to be scheduled within 4 days.
  • As a guideline for order acknowledgment, MPS refers to the Pre-commit / E-prospectus/ Project prospectus, component material lead time, project inspection, and shipping timetable.
  • MPS should remove the scheduling hold for SO before proceeding and creating the star (*) specified item.
  • If necessary, MPS will adjust the scheduled ship date in the Oracle system Order Organizer form. The Advanced Supply Chain Planning system will be activated overnight for the buyers’ and planners’ use.
  • Based on the client’s request date and material availability, ATP will suggest a scheduled ship date. ATP is easily accessible and automatically updated in real time via the pegging tree pane. Ensure that the level loading is in line with the plant’s capability.
  • Daily market meeting in the morning between the planner and the operations team about the production plan and any current issues.
  • The Scheduling Summary report is designed to assess the status of the SO in terms of meeting or failing to meet the client request date.
  • Communicate with the operations team for resource planning if any product family is experiencing high demand.
  • Each value stream/product family loading chart shows the most recent backlog loading, planned capacity, and maximum capacity on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • When necessary, MPS will alter the SSD for the auto-scheduled order.
  • MPS aims to promise SO within 3 weeks. MPS will contact the buyer about the PO promise date and escalate to the material manager if needed.
  • Compare existing and new starred (*) configured items in Betsy using the BOM comparison form to detect superfluous and unnecessary parts.
  • To avoid high jacking of the material, a firming technique for CO will be applied.
  • Rescheduling will be done depending on RICE130 for SSD 6 to 16 weeks after buyer evaluation.
  • Shipment of a single batch must be guaranteed.
  • MPS will proceed with the SO and cancel the pre-ordered NSDJ on the same day.
Factor II: Knowledge and Skills (Describe skills this job will use these skills)
Knowledge and Skills
How Used
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Mechanical or related discipline, with a minimum of 3+ years relevant experience
  • Knowledge of the valve industry
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications especially in Excel and PowerPoint and the necessary skills to effectively utilize technology and systems specific to the department required.
  • Familiar with the Oracle application of Betsy & Billy.
  • Ensure that the orders are scheduled as per the LT / SLT with buyer acknowledgment
  • Scheduling based on plant capacity, ATP, and ensuring Level loading.
  • 6-16th Week review with buyer and rescheduling based on SD report
  • Generate monthly reports and presentations.
  • The bi-weekly meeting between MPS and the buyer to discuss the material alignment
  • Discuss with the buyer and reschedule the MPS based on the Change order for not released orders.
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