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Position – Senior Engineer II

Company – Hubbell Incorporated
Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN

Job description

Brand presentation

Hubbell Incorporated, founded in 1888, has evolved to become a multinational manufacturer of premium electrical, lighting, and power solutions, with over 75 brands utilized and recognized globally. During the Industrial Revolution, our founder, Harvey Hubbell, created tools and equipment to fulfill the expanding demand for new assembly and production technology. One of the numerous early patents was for the development of the first effective way of regulating electricity via a zippered chain receptacle, which has remained unmodified to the present day. We provide over 500,000 items throughout our many business divisions as the industry leader in dependable electrical solutions. Hubbell is dedicated to constantly designing effective solutions, reinventing existing goods with new ideas, and ensuring that we excite, inspire, and empower the communities in which we operate.

Indian company

Hubbell Inc. completely owns BURNDY Technology and Global Business Services Private Limited (HUBBELL INDIA). Hubbell India offers engineering, business solutions, and information technology services. Hubbell Engineering provides computer-aided design and engineering services from its headquarters at Ascendas, ITPL, Chennai. Hubbell Business Solutions is headquartered in Infopark Kochi and provides excellent business information, knowledge services, and business process solutions to Hubbell divisions and organizations. The IT services staff is spread throughout Chennai and Cochin.

Hubbell Electrical Products LLP, based in Chennai, is prepared to help in the production of components and products for all Hubbell business divisions.


Burndy Technology & Global Business Services Pty Ltd
Unit B, No. 4, 1st Floor, Zenith (Phase III)
CSIR Road International Science and Technology Park
Taramani, Chennai, Tamilnadu-600113

Job Overview

This is a mid-level role that needs individuals to do thermal simulations on their own.  Candidates should have at least 5-7 years of expertise in thermal simulations.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Work closely with product owners to accomplish deadlines.
  • Works on tasks regularly and autonomously, meeting project criteria with minimum supervision.
  • Capability to manage multidisciplinary problems and collaborate with cross-functional teams
  • Meet delivery and quality standards.
skills and experience

M.E/B.E Mechanical or Thermal Engineering 3 to 7 years

Proven expertise using analytical calculations and CFD software to solve heat transport problems in electrical and electronic product lines.

  • Knowledge of Joule heating resolution in electrical and electronic goods is required.
  • Practical knowledge of thermal testing or validation at the computerized system level, including thermocouple installation, automated data collecting, and operation of related laboratory equipment
  • Estimate drag coefficients and heat transfer coefficients using empirical data and correlation with real findings.
  • Experiment with different heatsinks and fan/cooling fan configurations.
  • Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
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