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Position – Senior Engineer/Assistant Manager- AA Product Management
Company – Bosch Group
Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Job description – Senior Engineer/Assistant Manager- AA Product Management

About the Company: Bosch Group

The Bosch Group is a renowned global leader with a strong presence in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Committed to innovation and excellence, we empower our employees to drive change and create a positive impact. Our focus on collaboration, diversity, and inclusion fosters a dynamic and rewarding work environment. Join us at Bosch, where expertise, innovation, and a collaborative mindset are valued. Together, we’re shaping the future of technology and automotive solutions.

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Join the Bosch Group in Bengaluru, Karnataka, as a Senior Engineer/Assistant Manager in AA Product Management. As a Product Owner, you’ll be a pivotal force in bringing innovative products to market. Collaborate with global teams to ensure synergy, market new products effectively, and devise long- and short-term product strategies based on market trends. Appraise new ideas for market viability and optimize product lines. Your role will encompass product marketing communication, competition analysis, and strategic measures to enhance profitability. If you have 1 to 3 years of experience, technical expertise in Powertrain Solutions, and a passion for product management, this is your chance to drive change.

  • Product Owner to bring new products to market with adequate business cases. Liaison with the global team to bring in synergy.
  • Market new products with sales & product communication teams
  • Create long- and short-term product strategies based on the market environment trends
  • Develop product lines and appraise new ideas for market viability
  • Create product marketing communication
  • Coverage monitoring & mapping for the applications
  • Liaison with sales departments to prepare the annual off-take volumes and communicate them to vendors and plants for inventory and production planning
  • Facilitate resolution for Quality or supplies issues respective CFT teams
  • Assess competition by comparing products to align on Reverse engineering scope.
  • To develop strategies for improvement of profitability for the products by applying various methods like Value Engineering, relocation, cancellation (phase-out)

Qualifications – Senior Engineer/Assistant Manager- AA Product Management

B.E / B. Tech (Mechanical / Automotive related)

  • Experience of 1 to 3 years in product management, Engineering, Application, Marketing, or Sales related fields

Additional Information

  • Strong technical knowledge about products from Powertrain Solutions (PS)
  • Experience in Production/Manufacturing, PLCM, Engineering Change Request (ECR) processes
  • Good knowledge of MS Office tools & SAP ERP systems
  • Good communication and collaborative mindset
  • Understanding of project management is a plus

Additional Information and Insights:

  1. Global Synergy: Emphasize the importance of global collaboration to leverage collective expertise and resources for successful product launches.
  2. Market Trend Analysis: Highlight the role of analyzing market trends to develop effective long- and short-term product strategies that align with evolving customer needs.
  3. Product Viability: Discuss the need to appraise new ideas for market viability, emphasizing data-driven product development.
  4. Quality and Supply Chain Management: Explain the role of facilitating the resolution of quality and supply issues by collaborating with cross-functional teams (CFT).
  5. Competition Analysis: Stress the significance of competition analysis to identify areas for improvement and innovation, including reverse engineering scope.
  6. Profitability Strategies: Discuss strategies to enhance product profitability, including value engineering, relocation, or phase-out considerations.
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