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Position – Refrigeration Engineer I
Company – Thermo Fisher Scientific
Location – Andhra Pradesh, IN

Job description

Job Description

Role & Responsibilities:

As part of a multi-functional development team, major responsibility will include leading various Refrigeration projects, facilitating associated technical evaluation, and implementation for Sustenance Engineering’s Obsolescence management, Quality and Cost out functions.

  • Implement validation plans under the mentorship
  • Decipher requirements and technical specification documents. Seeks clarification where needed.
  • Identify low-complexity product requirements & technical specifications under mentorship.
  • Build vital backup info for design concepts & trade-off analysis under mentorship. Seek information for different tradeoff parameters and complete component selection to meet the technical specifications.
  • Independently perform alternative component search and basic design calculations.
  • Use tools and apply engineering fundamentals
  • Support in design documentation & artifact presentation as per the design process.
  • Fairly conversant/capable of learning tools used to support design analysis and simulation.
  • Collaborate (under mentorship) with global validation teams as part of a broader team.
  • Build alternate design solutions for the thermal-related components under mentorship.
  • Clearly understands passing criteria & identifies simple issues to fix the design.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Understanding of design, development, and validation of Vapor compression systems
  • Component-level design simulation using tools for heat exchangers, metering devices, etc. is an added advantage.
  • Work on low/medium complexity projects with end-to-end project ownership of Thermal/ Refrigeration subsystem and interactions
  • Based on product specifications, develop concept designs, and conduct design calculations.
  • Seeks clarity in understanding of the function of the product & derives design constraints that the product would deal with. Develops design & provides concepts accordingly
  • Capable of crafting simple transfer functions to ensure design objectives are met
  • Aware of different design standards for processes. Uses entitlement to define process tolerances

Minimum Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Master’s Degree in a relevant engineering domain (RAC, Thermal, Heat Power, etc.) – preferred
  • 0-2 years or similar proven experience in the Design and Development of Refrigeration or other Thermal Engineering projects.
  • Lead one or two projects to end to end of low/ medium complexity (involving Selection/Design Conceptualization, Evaluation, and Site Implementation/ Manufacturing transfer)
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