Tata Technologies is Hiring | Stamping Die Design Engineer |

Position – Stamping Die Design Engineer
Company – Tata Technologies
Exp. – 2 to 10 years
Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN

Job description

Job Description Domain: Stamping Feasibility of Automotive Skin and Inner panels Stamping Process feasibility study Formability Study Simulations Tools Modeling in CAD Formability Simulations 

  1. Qualification¬ BE/B tech in mechanical Eng¬ Diploma in Mechanical Eng¬ Post Diploma in Tool design from CITD/NTTF/IGTR¬ Diploma in Tool and Die Making CITD/NTTF/IGTR 
  2. Total years of experience and Industry Min2 years Max 10 Years Industry: Automotive OEM, Reputed Tool Rooms, Reputed Design office 
  3. Domain/CAD Software experience. Software Working knowledge in Catia V5 (Surface Modeling)/UG NX Working Knowledge in Autoform or PAM STAMP Domain Process feasibility study Process optimization Method plan design Sound knowledge of Skin panel quality requirement so Draw Panel development for better quality, blank utilization, and better process Sound Knowledge in product design change proposal for process feasibility and formability Optimization of Blank holder shape Optimization of bead geometry o Optimization of Blank size for better utilization Panel flow study (Press automation): Study of transfer curves for Crossbar and tri-axis transfer press Die size calculation so Sound knowledge of various types of dies used in automotive industry Sound knowledge of various cams used in die design Knowledge on the manufacturing process (from design to mass production)o General knowledge on mechanical engineering 
  4. Soft skills good presentation and technical communication Teamwork and collaboration Business level English language command 

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