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Position – GET – Graduate Engineer in Training
Company – Rockwell Automation
Location – Pune, Maharashtra, IN

Job description

Rockwell Automation is a global technology leader focused on helping the world’s manufacturers be more productive, sustainable, and agile. With more than 25,000 employees who make the world better every day, we know we have something special. Behind our customers – amazing companies that help feed the world, provide life-saving medicine on a global scale, and focus on clean water and green mobility – our people are energized problem solvers that take pride in how the work we do changes the world for the better.

We welcome all makers, forward thinkers, and problem solvers who are looking for a place to do their best work. And if that’s you we would love to have you join us!

Job Description


Job Title (Internal)

GET – Graduate Engineer in Training

Job Title (External)

GET – Graduate Engineer in Training

GJC Code


Business Group and Unit


Business Unit


Work Location

Noida, Pune

Reports to (Direct/Indirect)

Team Lead

Supervises (Direct/Indirect)



Job Purpose

  • Responsible for successful completion of the Graduate Engineer in Training (GET) Program and meet requirements of an entry level project engineer.
  • Learn to use professional concepts. Applies company polices and procedure to resolve routine tasks.
  • The candidate needs to work on developing different automation applications using PLC, SCADA, IIOT, LV/MV MCC and Drives.

Key Responsibilities


  • Design, define and implement complex system requirements for customers and/or prepare study and analyze existing systems. Determine system specifications, input/output processes and working parameters for hardware/software compatibility.
  • Coordinate design of subsystems and integration of total system.
  • Identify, analyze and resolve program support deficiencies. Develop and recommend corrective actions.
  • Deliver & execute the assigned projects on time with good quality/ cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Keep improving self-engineering capabilities and exchange best practice with other team members to improve team’s capabilities.
  • Work closely with Team Leader / Lead Engineer to guarantee customer acceptance.
  • Ensure project implementation follows the engineering delivery standard.
  • Maximize reusable standard product and engineering in project delivery.
  • Technical implementation in whole life-cycle of project / work package delivery.
  • Work with Team Leader to manage technical risk in project / work package execution.
  • Work with Team Leader to clarify technical issues.
  • Cost reduction through process improvement, and through development of reusable engineering or engineering standard.
  • Work closely with Team Leader to achieve customer acceptance. Demonstrate application & technical expertise to achieve repeat order and retain customer satisfaction.


  • Ensure 100% meet technical items defined in project / work package.
  • Ensure project implementation follows the procedure of RA engineering standards.
  • Maximize reusable standard product and engineering in project / work package delivery.
  • Support Team Leader in managing team performance, develop self and team capability and motivate the team.


Organizational Competencies

  • Contributes Professional & Technical Expertise
  • Consistently learn and demonstrates proficiency in the areas of technical and/or professional expertise relevant to role.
  • Actively pursues continuous learning; develops skills and knowledge in job-related technical or professional expertise, including increasing breadth and depth of expertise and keeping up-to-date with advances.
  • Invites feedback and coaching, and actively engages in responding to it.
  • Collaborates & Teams Effectively
  • Is honest and fair in dealings with others; words and actions are consistent with Rockwell Automation values and standards of ethical conduct.
  • Balances individual goals and team goals.
  • Reaches out across organizational lines to establish and maintain effective work relationships to achieve individual and team goals.
  • Addresses conflict and other barriers to collaboration directly and constructively, adapting to cultural norms and expectations when appropriate.
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Shares viewpoints openly and directly with others, providing relevant and timely information to those who need it.
  • Shares information clearly one-on-one and with small groups, making good decisions as to who, when and how to communicate.
  • Involves the right people to obtain needed information and perspectives.
  • Listens carefully and attentively to others to ensure that their viewpoints are fully heard and grasped.
  • Adds Value for Customers & Partners
  • Understands the needs and requirements of customers and partners associated with their business/function; productively shares that understanding with others.
  • Clearly quantifies and articulates customer value derived from Rockwell Automation solutions.
  • Addresses customer and partner needs in ways that differentiate Rockwell Automation products and services.
  • Prioritizes own work activities to focus first on those that add value (directly or indirectly) to customers or partners.
  • Attains Results
  • Excels at execution; monitors progress and, as needed, redirects efforts, resources and rewards to ensure goals are achieved
  • Holds self and others accountable for keeping commitments, maintaining standards and achieving goals.
  • Accepts new challenges and responsibilities to achieve goals and model Rockwell Automation values.
  • Creates Focus and Motivates Others
  • Supports individuals and teams to stretch beyond what they thought they could do.
  • Able to get results from people within Rockwell Automation not under their direct control.

Job Related Competencies

  • High level of analytical and problem – solving skills including an attention to details.
  • Good skills in Technical Fundamentals (Academic knowledge from respective Engineering streams).
  • Ambition and ability to work independently as well as within a team.
  • Passionate, and think out-of-the-box, a desire to influence and drive the changes.
  • Eagerness to embrace new technologies and digital environments.
  • Willing to travel/relocate and work at customer site.


  • Bachelors in Electrical /Instrumentation / Control / Electronics / Mechanical.


  • Manager – Execution
  • Lead Engineer
  • Project Engineer


  • Good communication skills in English (Written and Verbal).

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