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Manager – Product Development
Company – Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
Location – IN

Job description

Responsibilities & Key Deliverables

Design & Development :

  • Taking  a lead role in enriching technical aspects of design and development throughout the product development life cycle in the area of drive train & cooling system to meet performance, reliability, quality, and cost objectives of the program
  • Sizing of powertrain elements such as engine transmission, axle, brake, and steering system to deliver vehicle level performance and reliability
  • Design of accessory systems and components thereof for cooling intake, exhaust systems
  • Ensuring timely permanent solutions for powertrain system design deficiencies that get surfaced during the product  verification phase, by deploying scientific methodologies to analyze failures and fixing it
  • Proactive role in optimizing performance, reliability, and cost targets of Powertrain system through systematic reviews
  • Ensuring  100% compliance to standards while releasing drawings and SOR
  • Ensuring the right competency to a task by optimal utilization of the internal and external resources.
  • Continuously drive innovation both at the product level and within the product development process

Support to other functions

  • Collaboratively  working with other system and functional teams to realize quality, cost, and time objectives of the program
  • Timely release of engineering documents like drawing, RFQ, and  identifying critical areas in manufacture and assembly
  • Timely resolution of technical issues related to drivetrain & cooling system faced during development such as source development, manufacturing, and assembly without diluting technical requirements of product and quality

People Development & Engagement:

  • Competency building of powertrain team by understanding the training requirement, and bridge the gap through outsourcing, training and on the job training
  • Initiate innovative methods to encourage idea generation and innovation in powertrain system.
  • Effective engagement of team members by knowledge sharing, reviews coaching and mentoring.
  • Communicates with conviction backed by data and analysis and capable of influencing peers and superiors in taking decision that help to achieve quality, cost and time objectives of the program.

Process Adherence:

  • Deploy MPDS and MQS all through the product development lifecycle 
  • Track product and program health through PLM and ensure technical risks related to powertrain systems  are anticipated in advance and averted by taking proactive actions in meeting PDB and PAL targets
  • Periodic review with the CFT team for timely resolution of concerns
  • Documentation of learning, technical reports, and failure analysis

Learning and growth:

  • Constant updation of knowledge on CE products and technologies related to powertrain system by way of assimilation of research publications, journals, attending conference seminars and exhibitions
  • Dissemination of knowledge and learning through coaching
  • Transformation of knowledge to powertrain system design  by way of design improvements, new concept generation, and cost reduction
  • Minimum experience of 4-7 years is required in related domain
Industry Preferred
  • Auto/ OEM
  • BE / B.Tech (Mechanical/Production/Manufacturing)

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