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Position – GET – Mechanical Design
Company – Log9 Materials
Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Job description

About Us:

Log9 Materials is on a mission to make global energy 100% clean from cradle to gate. With its core competence in Graphene nanotechnology, Log9 strives to develop advanced energy storage technologies from electrode materials, cell level to pack level.

The Rapid Charging Battery technology developed by Log9 solves the challenges in adoption for the 2W and 3W electric vehicle platforms while the Aluminum Fuel Cell technology is targeted towards the electrification of long haul, heavier vehicles. Electrification of vehicles specially for commercial use ranging from 2W, 3W to LCVs to HCVs will not only have a significant positive impact on the environment, but it will lead to huge cost savings as well. However, different vehicle platforms have unique requirements and hence there cannot be a one-type fit all battery technology.

In this endeavor, we are building a team of Engineers and Technocrats to make India energy Independent.

Our core values are Passionate & Entrepreneurial, Fearless & Humble, Ethical & Environment-obsessed, Agile & Detail-seeking.

We are looking for people who identify with the same set of values.

Unique chance to work at the cutting edge of technology in India, building solutions to solve global energy storage challenges.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1) Will be involved in the complete design and development of 3W battery packs.

2) Will prototype and validate his/her designs and co-ordinate with SCM to take the design to production.

3)Define pack and cell requirements, and find the best options for product volume, weight and run time requirements

4)Work with safety, reliability, operations and other cross functional partners to integrate the battery into the final system.

5)Will apply knowledge of DFM ,DFA, Tolerance stackup analysis to design reliable and safe battery packs.

6) Will coordinate with the electrical/ wire harness team to follow the best engineering practices for component design.

Skills Required:

  1. Needs to have 1-2 years of experience. EV background preferable.
  2. Needs to join on an immediate basis.
  3. Must have experience in prototyping/NPD.
  4. Must be proficient in 3D modelling and 2D drafting (Solidworks knowledge is a must).
  5. Prior experience in designing battery packs/ electromechanical components is required.

Why should you consider Log9:

  • Unlimited Leaves round the year – No questions asked. We call it the TRUST Policy.
  • NO PROBATION PERIOD – You are a confirmed employee from DAY 1
  • Health Policy that covers You, Your Spouse, Kids and your Parents as well.
  • A work culture that offers not just professional growth but personal growth as well.
  • You will be eligible for an additional Education allowance.
  • Have direct access to our Chief Entertainment Officers in the campus (Buzo, Rosie & Rapid) – They have an open door policy, provided you give them unlimited belly rubs

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