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Position – Manufacturing Engineer – Assembly
Company – Cyient
Location – Pune, Maharashtra, IN

Job description

Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions company. As a Design, Build, and Maintain partner for leading organizations worldwide, we take solution ownership across the value chain to help clients focus on their core, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve. We leverage digital technologies, advanced analytics capabilities, and our domain knowledge and technical expertise, to solve complex business problems.With over 15,000 employees globally, we partner with clients to operate as part of their extended team in ways that best suit their organization’s culture and requirements. Our industry focus includes aerospace and defence, healthcare, telecommunications, rail transportation, semiconductor, geospatial, industrial, and energy.Job Description

  • Job Description
    • Execute Assembly Engineering PDP / OFP Projects : Analyzes and makes modifications to existing performance pay plans for Assembly Operators ; assists in development of baseline data for new performance pay plans.
    • Perform DFMA , Assembly Line Design & Balancing . Implement Torque tools .
    • Establishes routings, SOE methods, layouts, tools, costs, OMS , methods documentation, quality plans and labor standards for revisions to current operations and/or new parts or programs of moderate scope.
    • Provides support and troubleshooting for current operations. Investigates, gathers and analyze data and implement solutions.
    • Develops and implements plans to support lean manufacturing through the Deere Production System of moderate scope. Designs operations layouts. Improves material flow and material presentation.
    • Innovates and implements cost reduction, quality, safety and ergonomic improvement ideas of moderate scope.
    • Leads team studies related to capacity, energy, productivity and efficiency of moderate scope.
    • Leads analysis, development and implementation of new manufacturing processes and technology.
    • Applies electronic tools across a broad range of applications, including e-builds, modeling and simulations
    • Background in Engineering (mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, power systems, etc.).
    • Skill in using computer aided design and/or engineering tools. like CREO , DLBT , MPP , JDAAT , FIA , POWER APPS , SAP
    • Knowledge of manufacturing and/or distribution processes, quality, tooling, tool design, total preventative maintenance and facilities.
    • Experience in one or more related engineering areas: Assembly , industrial, production, methods, reliability, design, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, quality.
    • Experience with shop floor manufacturing, incentive pay systems such as CIPP (Continuous Improvement Pay Plan) and work measurement.
    • Experience with engineering tools, systems and databases.
    • Experience with line and process design, material presentation, cycles of imbalance and visual management tools

Skills & Experience

Assembly Drawings, Assembly Planning, Assembly Process Planning, Lean Manufacturing Management, Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing Process Management, Manufacturing Process Planning, Manufacturing Quality Management, Planning OperationsCyient is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Cyient recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law. We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive company where our people can focus their whole self on solving problems that matter.

At Cyient, we work towards improving the daily lives of people with unwavering focus. From a quieter flight to a safer train journey, a more reliable energy supply, or a faster internet connection, we provide engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, network and operations management services to industry leaders across the globe.

Our 15,000 associates are located in more than 21 countries, supporting 12 industries, including aerospace, rail transportation, power generation, telecommunications and medical technology.

With a sound track record of growth and profitability, we are committed to developing a sustainable society and actively promoting education and inclusive growth initiatives in our local communities.

We have established deep-rooted, enduring relationships with global industry leaders, by understanding their business needs, goals, culture, and core values. As part of our strong corporate ethos, co-creating business and public value is important to us. In this direction, the Cyient Foundation has developed a framework that unifies our diverse corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as government school adoptions, digital literacy programs, and social innovation technology projects.

Or, as we like to call it, Designing Tomorrow Together.

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