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Position – Deputy Manager – Manufacturing
Company – Collins Aerospace
Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Job description

This position is accountable for providing both technical and Industrial Engineering/process leadership mainly in the areas related to applications; Assembly, electrical/electronics; mechanical; manufacturing; quality; safety, health & environmental; or software. Provide recommendations for changes to working methods or operation sequences that will minimize risks, costs, and wastage; increase yields and productivity; and improve the quality and consistency of final products.

  1. Leads specification, design, analysis and development of New Products/processes, Industrial projects & Factory Layouts based on Industrial Standards.
  2. Evaluates and validates design alternatives to create optimum process designs.
  3. Leads the teams of engineers and technicians through industrialization activities for set up and change manufacturing process.
  4. Participates in strategic planning as a member from engineering and technology development effort.
  5. Acts as a technical consultant on process and methods engineers or for anyone who needs the service related with industrial knowledge.
  6. Coach and mentor less experienced engineers.
  7. Develop Standard Work/Triplets for processes based on Best Available Techniques and Methods.
  8. Conduct Time and Method Study based on MTM/MOST techniques.

Areas of Responsibilities

  • Industrial Efficiency through continual improvements

Identify process related issues through Tier meetings; study the turn backs/ down time trends. Define problem areas and identify root cause. Propose solutions to eliminate the root cause; implement and evaluate effectiveness. Update process documents by incorporating thechanges. Continually look for ways and means of improving productivity. Implement idea schemes within defined area of work.

  • Launching new products

Receive the new projects documents from industrial team for all new projects. Study, evaluate and identify improvement points if any; Incorporate them before launch of the New products and transitions.

  • Qualification of Test Benches/Stations:

Study the basic machine design. Study performance of the machine by producing a minimum lot on a particular machine. Validate the products produced with the support of quality. Study the time taken for production; Qualify the machine based on the results of the above study.

  • Support Product Qualifications & FAI’s

Conduct Line short run on the qualified machines to find the areas of improvements if any. Based on identified areas of improvement take corrective / preventive action, Implement the same as part of the system. Confirm the process Capability of machines/lines and make them available for production

  • Troubleshooting / Problem Solving on a daily basis

On a daily basis get to know quality issues, inadvertent breakdowns in the lines. Understand the problem and suggest alternative solution to immediately address the problem and regain production. Discuss with other product lines if required to identify and implement possible solutions; Work towards providing long term solutions to arrest the reoccurrence of the problem.

  • Process capabilities

Monitor and measure process capabilities periodically. Take action based on deviations from the quality, production, and supply chain ; Analyze the issues and improve the process; Take trials to revalidate the process and re-establish the process documents

  • Capacity planning and manpower forecasting :

Receive long term Demand forecast from VPS for Long term planning; Review capacity quarter-wise and take action to ensure capacity availability as per requirements; Check the capacity for both in-house and subcontractor capacities. Identify bottlenecks if any and work on removing the bottlenecks; Organize and implement the production facilities required for new capacity or for improved quality. Estimate manpower requirements for new capacity and inform HR for manpower planning. Ensure implementation of increased capacity on time such that, market demands are met as per requirements.

  • Implement ECNs (Engineering change notes)

Receive ECNs from the technical department; Study and find out implications on the existing process; Change the process to suit the ECN requirements; Update the relevant database and documents at the workstation. Call for prequalification of the processes as required. Train the concerned operators / supervisors to implement the changes; Manage change effectively.

  • Implementing ACE

Support ACE Operating System in Operations and support functions with reference to lean procedures; Ensure optimization of production floor layouts. Understand Layout, Linkage and flow and ensure implementation of same; Organize ergonomics and safety. Be Aware of TPM and make changes in process in line with TPM requirements; Ensure appropriate Methodology and optimization of Material providing and handling. Implement Poke yoke and FMEA where ever required.

  • Technology transfer from Projects

Learn the products and process from the projects team. Participate in the implementation, validation and qualification of the processes. Take charge of all technology transfer documents including drawings, test methods SOPs. Train the production team in implementation of the processes; Prepare and provide commission reports to the projects, maintenance and finance team.

  • Handle Transfer Projects

Receive requirements from mother plant, define schedule for the projects; brief the projects with internal department like procurement, technical logistics and production. Prepare samples and get validated. Support in preparation of product costing and logistics feasibility. Validate the process variability.

  • Prepare & Update SOP’s & Triplets

Adhere to the changes and improvement made and align SOP’s and triplets in line with the same. Re-align Standard Work periodically and ensure training to the production team to implement changes.

  • Annual Budget planning

Make budget provision for equipment’s, consumables, tools and seek approval for the same. Follow the budget and ensure expenses made within budget limits

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