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BOEING is hiring an Associate Electronics Parts & CAD Engineer for Bengaluru. 1 to 5 years of experience required. Check out the full requirements.
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Position – Associate Electronics Parts & CAD Engineer

Company – BOEING
Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Job description

At Boeing, we create and work together to improve the world. With a company where diversity, equity, and inclusion are shared values, you may contribute to work that matters from the ocean floor to outer space. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where every team member can grow professionally while also feeling welcomed, respected, and included. With us, discover your future.

Business Overview

The largest aerospace corporation in the world, Boeing is a top supplier of commercial aircraft, defence, space, and security technologies, as well as international services. Boeing continues to set the standard for technology and innovation, customer service, investment in its employees, and the expansion of the aerospace industry, building on a legacy of more than a century of invention and leadership.

For more than 75 years, Boeing has been a reliable partner to the Indian aerospace and defence industries. The mission readiness and modernisation of India’s defence forces have been supported by Boeing employees, who have also enabled connected, safer, and smarter flying experiences in the air, on the water, and in space.

Technology for the present and the future

With a team of more than 3000 different engineers, the Boeing India Engineering & Technology Center (BIETC) supports the expansion of the aerospace industry worldwide. Our engineers use cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML, IIoT, Cloud, Model-Based Engineering, and Additive Manufacturing to deliver cutting-edge R&D, innovation, and high-quality engineering work in international markets, helping to shape the future of aerospace.

People-driven culture

At Boeing, we firmly believe that creativity and innovation flourish when each person is given the freedom to choose, grow, learn, and explore. We provide flexible work arrangements based on the demands of our clients and the business, as well as career paths that allow for more freedom in how our employees conduct their jobs. We also think that teamwork, regular team meetings, and in-person interactions bring forth different viewpoints and ideas, allowing all opinions to be heard and respected. We are devoted to positively influencing people’s careers and giving careful consideration to employee health, regardless of where or how our teammates work.

We are inclusive, diverse, and transformational here at Boeing.

With us, you may design and contribute to the things that are most important to your job, neighborhood, nation, and planet. Support the advancement of global aerospace by joining us.

To join the Electronic Products team, Boeing India is hiring an Associate Electronic Parts & CAD Engineer who would be stationed in Bangalore. These roles will be under the engineering department of Boeing India.

As these positions will focus on working closely with the Electronics Product Design Manager to execute new hardware designs and design updates to fulfill their organizational goals, a successful applicant will grasp the value of collaboration.

Position Responsibilities:
  • Our team of Parts Management and Component Engineers takes satisfaction in assisting PMP, Parts Reliability Engineer, and CE activities of Electronics engineering for applications ranging from the ocean floor to space. We are looking for someone with a variety of skills who is highly driven, has a solid understanding of component engineering in electronics design settings, and who is able to handle engineering data and libraries from design to production adjustments.
  • using a variety of Mentor tools in collaboration with engineering teams and support design teams to produce complicated, comprehensive layouts of high-power circuits and stiff and flexible printed circuit boards.
  • You would collaborate geographically with several design teams to manage timelines, and address cost, packaging, manufacturing, and electrical design challenges.
  • Support the testing of innovative designs for product regulatory compliance. Create specs for new designs and interpret them.
  • Create libraries and keep them up to date with Mentor EDM interfaces. Improve libraries to make analysis possible. Make symbols for logic All types of mechanical part sockets, mechanical drawings, and other PCB-related parts’ land pattern footprints.
  • assist your peers in solving difficult design issues. Prepare new hires with specialized training to strengthen the team
  • Create a single enterprise library plan and work toward it.
  • aids in creating thorough specifications for numerous electrical devices as well as electronic architecture. aids in creating precise designs that adhere to criteria and specifications. uses a variety of testing and analysis techniques to help design. collects information for technical performance evaluations. helps to provide engineering support for the duration of the product’s life. aids in conducting literature and market research to help next product designs. works closely supervised.
  • support a variety of libraries
  • Maintain technical coordination with engineers working on manufacturing, testing, and EMC analysis. Work with fabrication and manufacturing providers to resolve PCB design problems. actively engage in engineering and library data management with a focus on DFM advancements.
  • displays purposeful and obvious Boeing conduct


Basic Qualifications (Required Skills/Experience)
  • A diploma or bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, is necessary.
  • technical knowledge of electromechanical products, semiconductors, passive components, and other electronic components and how they are used.
  • knowledge of ECAD/PCB Layout procedures and experience developing ECAD/PCB/EDA libraries
  • knowledge of and/or practical expertise with library management procedures and parts request systems.
  • Builds schematic symbols, PCB component footprints, and 3D component models in close collaboration with electrical and mechanical engineers to best finish the PCB artwork.
  • knowledge of publishing PCB artwork designs and library parts to the ECAD.
  • Process requests for new parts in the CAD library and examine/modify existing parts for improved schematic readability or component footprint manufacturability.
  • To automate repetitive processes related to ECAD applications, databases, and libraries, write scripts.
  • Introduction to the New Part for ECAD Librarians. introduction of a new PCB and its assembly drawings
  • excellent understanding of aerospace processes and their applications.
  • knowledge of or experience with the use of metrics to assess project performance and ensure high-quality delivery
Preferred Qualifications (Desired Skills/Experience):
  • understanding of one or more Mentor Graphics (xDM, DMS, Expedition) tools. Other relevant ECAD/EDA software products are DXdatabook and Design Architect/Board station.
  • Knowledge and techniques of quality assurance for parts management strategies.
  • ability to use tools like Teamcenter and knowledge of product life cycle management.

Education and experience typical of:

  • a diploma with seven or more years of experience, a master’s degree with three to five years of experience, or a bachelor’s degree with more than that.

Export Control Requirements: Not an export control position

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