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Position – Maintenance Engineer- Mechanical
Company – Air Liquide
Location – Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, IN

Job description

Mission Statement:

He (she) is responsible for maintaining the safety, reliability, and efficiency of his primary plant through strict implementation of a maintenance plan in adherence with AL guidelines.
His (her) role mainly consists of minimizing downtime of the plant by implementing the defined PM plan as per group guidelines and approved by CRT and maintaining strict adherence to the same. He is also responsible for maintaining reliability and availability in his (her) function in the plant as per AL group standard within the allocated maintenance budget.
Proposing initiatives that will contribute to improvement in the reliability of the facility and implementing them once they are validated by Maintenance In-charge and CRT functional expert and approved by the CRT Manager is part of his role as well.
He (she) has operational reporting to the Maintenance In-Charge and functional reporting to the CRT Functional Lead of AL India.
Reporting: Reports to Maintenance In-Charge for routine/admin activities and Functional Lead/Expert at CRT for domain-related aspects/issues

Key Figures:

1 Air Separation Unit, up to 1 or no direct report.

His/her main contribution and accountabilities will be:

  1. Prepare annual maintenance plan (PM plan and turnaround) for Mechanical based on historical performance, vendor manuals, AL group guide lines, submit to Maintenance In-charge for the approval process.
  2. Implement the “approved” maintenance plan and ensure that there is no slippage. Submit the non compliance to Maintenance In-charge for validation process.
  3. Prepare monthly report on maintenance activities for Mechanical and submit to Maintenance In-charge and respective Functional Lead in Central Reliability Team.
  4. Perform RCA for the technical & safety incidents and take corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence. Coordinate with vendor for resolution if required.
  5. Prepare annual maintenance budget for Mechanical, get it reviewed by Functional Manager, initiate timely purchases and keep the expenditure under control.
  6. Prepare TAR plan for Mechanical, list of spare parts for procurement (based on SPM selection matrix, OEM recommendation and VS study), ensure timely availability of spares to perform PM and TAR maintenance.
  7. Raise and track GWSR; raise an alert to Maintenance In-charge for any delay in the procurement process.
  8. Participate in quarterly maintenance audit conducted by CRT and close audit nonconformities in a definite time. Maintain audit finding reports and implement the improvement plan under the guidance of Maintenance In-charge.
  9. Actively participate in the implementation of special projects launched by CRT on time to time basis.

Are you a MATCH?

Skill Set/Knowledge/Expertise

  • Minimum 4 years experience in maintenance in industrial operations in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Strong technical and communication skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities
  • Ability to work on M.S. Office.
  • Ability to handle technical tasks independently.

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