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Position – Senior Engineer
Adani Group
Location – Mundra, Gujarat

Job description

  • Responsible for vessel pre-berthing, discharge/loading activities and post berthing activities, Safe loading and unloading operations of tank vehicles, timely completion of cleaning in tank and pipelines, other pipeline operations like pigging, cleaning and purging, inspection of tank and pipeline, tank gauging, inter tank transfer operations and housekeeping activities at tank farm and Jetty areas. Finally monitoring of operation, very close to operation control at field and ground level.

Roles and Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities
  • Responsible for Boarding officer/ Loading master at vessels for Import, Export, and bunker supply operations through pipelines and Tank Truck operations.
  • Knowledge tank and pipeline cleaning operations for the conversion of various grades one grade to another grade.
  • Knowledge of pigging operations (Foam and Cup) in the medium of Air, Nitrogen, and Water.
  • Carrying out all types of tank and pump line-up and other routine operations field activities as set in SOPs.
  • Knowledge of operation, handling, and various storage of cargo movements like Chemicals, Petroleum white and black oils, Vegetable Oil (Edible and non-edible) in Fixed cone roof, External floating roof and internal floating roof tanks.
  • Monitoring and supervising operations like tank gauging, sampling, venting, water draining, water flushing, pipeline pigging, heating, and Inter tank transfer operations.
  • Knowledge of Loading and Unloading of gantry operations with safety precautions as per Petroleum Rule 2002.
  • Knowledge of loading and unloading of rail cars (ISO tank containers and BTPN wagons).
  • Handling PLT (Pipeline Transfer) and Cross Country Pipeline (CCPL) operation.
  • Handling of the planned shutdown, major maintenance programs, equipment modification work, emergency shutdown, and subsequent start-up activities.
  • Continually inspect operations for abnormal circumstances at the tank farm and jetty area and timely report any malfunction of equipment.
  • Interact with maintenance team for routine and non-routine maintenance activities, ensure equipment is in safe and healthy condition.
  • Knowledge of operating various equipment like Centrifugal, Gear and screw pumps, mobile compressors, and other types of pumps.
  • Proficient in managing various operations and control the process as per the set standards for effective productivity, Material Control & Plant Safety.
  • Co-ordinate with CCR to ensure all the clients’ requirements and instructions are carried out according to terminal operating procedures and parameters.
Secondary Responsibilities
  • Having adequate knowledge of firefighting systems, sprinklers, foam, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and fire monitors.
  • Knowledge of Industrial hygiene and safety knowledge.
  • Knowledge of Hazardous area classification and electrical safety.
  • Follow safety practices by providing Tool Box Talk, Task-Based Risk Assessment, concern reporting of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions and Near Miss Reporting for contract people working with Hydrocarbon & toxic gas prone environment.
  • Knowledge of Permit to Work (PTW) as per OISD-105, monitor maintenance work as well as strict control of unsafe conditions and unsafe acts.
  • Establishing, monitoring, and continuously improving operating targets for processing, safety, environmental compliance, and efficiency.
  • Supervise and measures to be taken for the Safety, Health, Security, and welfare of all contractors/visitors in the shift.
  • Participate in active member in emergency activities and Mock drills.
  • Ensure the implementation of all safety, environmental, and health protection policies and procedures.


Educational Qualification:
  • B.E. Chemical / Mechanical, M.Sc. (Chemistry)
  • Minimum 3 – 4 Years of relevant work experience in a large / mid-sized organization

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