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Position – Research Associates: Surface Engineering Res Group
Company – Tata Steel
Location – Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, IN

Job description

Role description

Job Responsibility

  1. Hot dip galvanizing & characterization & analysis of G(Ni+Zn on Steel),H (Ni on GA),I (Ni on Steel),J (Ni on GA+ B Steel),K (Cu+Ni on B steel) series of hot stamped (Hot stamping done in Tata Steel Europe) samples & another few galvanized samples (Zn coated ZnO, Zn+Mg).
  2. Characterized & analyzed different types of steels e.g. API grade steels (X52, X70, X80), DP steels, B steels, GA coated samples of different compositions.
  3. Several research related to the electrodeposition of Ni-Zn on CRCA using both DC & Pulsed current, Ni on IF steel, (Ni, Ni-Cu) on GA+B Steel, Ni on GI & GA of different bath compositions. Multilayer coating on IF Steel; Ni, Ni+Zn+TiO2, Zn+Fe coating on IF steel, CRCA using pulsed current electrodeposition method.
  4. Characterized & analyzed the coated samples of cars of Toyota Motor Corporation & Maruti Suzuki & made some parts of reports.
  5. Characterized & analyzed corrosion-related problems of a few samples of the Surya pipe industry, Bangalore & submitted a thorough report after discussing with my respected seniors.
  6. The team for analysis of the failure of Tata Tiscon rebars, CRS, Epoxy coated rebars, SST, and SEM for thorough analysis.


  • Work as team member

Other details

  • M.Sc in Chemistry and B.Tech /M.tech in /Chemical / Metallurgy and Mechanical
  • 0 to 3 years of experience will be preferred.

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