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Position – Research Associate: Iron Making Res Group(4)
Company – Tata Steel
Location – Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, IN

Job description

Job Description

  1. Iron Making Research group of R&D, Tata Steel has been involved in blast furnace process measurement in pursuit of achieving cost-effective ironmaking. Our work involves the development of non-invasive process measurement tools for extracting information on process-influencing parameters. The different stages of the development journey include ideation, lab-scale testing, pilot-scale trial, and final implementation in the plant. The work may involve a literature review, prototype development, plant trial during blast furnace shutdown, and data analysis using Excel/ python/ AutoCAD. The portfolio currently has several projects which are first of their kind and at different stages of the development journey. The scope of the work covers both technical and managerial aspects of the project.
  2. Literature review of non-invasive sensors for process measurement solutions
  3. Prototype/ Plant testing of process measurement tool
  4. Installation of process measurement tool at plant site during shutdown
  5. Data storage and analysis
  6. Python model development
  7. Technical report writing
  8. Perform experiments and analyse data
  9. Daily project-related activities.
  10. Assistance group level activities
  11. AutoCAD modelling for developing drawings and analysing drawings



  1. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, Python, and AutoCAD
  2. Technical patent/paper writing
  3. Critical/Lateral thinking

Other details

  • MQ: BE, B.Tech/ME, M.Tech in Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mineral Engineering & fuel engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • EXP: 0 to 3 years experience is preferable.
  • The job requires operation on both hardware and software
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