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Position – GET – Production
Company – Schwing Stetter
Exp. – 0 – 1 years
Location – Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, IN

Job description

Job Summary:

Responsible for the activities in the concrete mixer production functions. Ensures manufacturing of concrete mixers to international quality and standards. Also, responsible for implementing and practicing a safe working atmosphere.

Required Skills:

  • Must have strong knowledge on engineering drawings.
  • Must have fair knowledge on welding techniques.
  • Fair knowledge on personal computer software skills
  • Good interpersonal relationships for effective manpower handling
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Language Proficiency (English, Hindi & Local Language)

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the manufacturing process of CM Drum fabrication and mixer assembly inline production
  • Ensuring the material/machines availability in the production line to produce planned targets by close coordination with inter-departments.
  • Monitoring of sub-assembly stock status & work allocation to the workmen as per the priority
  • Manpower allocation plan according to mixer dispatch commitment adherence.
  • Update supporting documents for MIS records and keep it up to date for the precise data in MIS.
  • Monitoring of production progress and problem-solving as and when required and achieving planned targets by ensuring uninterrupted process flow between the workstations.
  • Develop & display the standard operating procedure (SOP) at the shop floor for all runner models of mixers and keep it up to date.
  • Deploying untrained workmen on new workstations and providing him with on-the-job training to strengthen the skilled workmen’s availability.
  • Attend weekly/monthly review meetings on process issues, despatch plan and interdepartmental co-ordinations.
  • Work order operational confirmation posting on SAP for the mixer assembled in line at real-time.
  • Raise line rejection reports for defective/ damaged parts and ensure material accountability at the production line.
  • Ensure ECN / IOM amendment in the shop floor and give feedback to the Quality & design dept.
  • Communicate the sample material assembly fitment feasibility & functional compliance to the Quality department.
  • BOM validation for any new mixer models and communication the changes/corrections required to the design department to ensure uninterrupted process flow in the future.
  • Conduct daily toolbox meetings at the shop floor and discuss with workmen the perennial issues related the product quality, 5s adherence & unsafe acts to create awareness among them and ensure progress.     
  • Ensure shop floor housekeeping & workmen’s safety at the highest level of industrial practice. 
  • Contribution in cost saving in the concrete mixer production process.
  • Coordinate with respective departments for on-time mixer dispatch.

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