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Position – Senior Engineer – Model Maker
Company – Royal Enfield
Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN

Job description

Job Purpose:

The Physical Modeller will support all design modeling activities of Industrial design and ensure project progress in alignment with timelines. The incumbent will communicate proposals visually through sketches & 3D models and collaborate with other teams to ensure that design intent is followed through in vehicle production.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build full-scale, accurate, and interactive physical prototypes for verification and development of design finesse
  • Prepare options and conduct design calculations for CAD models based on surfacing and digitizing clay models for hard model development
  • Carry out Conceptualization & Visualization for running models and new proposals such as pre-Concept Model, Clay Model Development, Graphic implementation, Fit & Finish of Components
  • Assist in the setup of ID Studio Chennai Tech Centre Planning & support activities such as new machinery setup, new pneumatic operated power tools/ hand tools, and all Safety equipment
  • Create a clay model based on the design sketch by understanding the nuances to be incorporated while converting the design sketch to a clay model
  • Create realistic full-scale models of the design intent, working with materials such as resin, wood, and metal to create a 3-D “hard model” that has the quality of a real production vehicle
  • Deliver advanced interactive electronics, lighting, hand-crafted upholstery, and cabin detailing that can make prototypes appear showroom-ready
  • Collate necessary information and develop specific, measurable steps leading toward the accomplishment of the specific goals
  • Leverage understanding of automotive assembly/repair and efficiently perform work specified to repair or replace damaged or worn parts
  • Diagnose, maintain, and repair vehicle automotive systems providing input regarding upgrades/modifications to customize vehicles
  • Leverage understanding of various manufacturing processes like fabrication, machining, painting, plating, finishing, etc., and be able to audit these processes if required

Work Experience

  • B. E / B. Tech degree – Mechanical
  • 4+ years’ experience in Industrial design including experience in a similar role

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