Reliance Industries Limited is Hiring | Graduate Engineer Trainee |

Position – Graduate Engineer Trainee
Company – Reliance Industries Limited
Location – Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN

Job description

Job Responsibilities :

  • To learn and become knowledgeable in various aspects of Operations, Maintenance, Information Technology and Techno-commercial role.
  • To work independently on assigned tasks on completion of training.
  • To understand processes and systems required for functioning of a company.
  • Being a role model for all safety, health, environment and quality issues.
  • Proactively seek opportunities for learning and developing skills for different roles available in various sectors of Hydrocarbons
  • Develop a good understanding of operations, maintenance, computer science and new business initiatives.
  • Learning how to supervise others and monitor the work of contractors
  • Learning how to plan the work for operating & maintaining plant and site facilities efficiently.
  • Participate in key activities of refinery like Major projects, Turnarounds, Safety initiatives etc.
  • Attend various meetings of Operations and Maintenance to develop sound understanding of roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders.

Job Accountabilities 

  1. Data Integration: Integrate geospatial data from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with BIM models using interoperability standards and data exchange formats, ensuring alignment and consistency between spatial datasets and BIM elements. 
  2. Spatial Analysis: Conduct spatial analysis and geospatial modeling using GIS tools to inform site selection, environmental assessments, and infrastructure planning, and leverage BIM data to enhance spatial visualization and analysis. 
  3. Design Coordination: Facilitate design coordination and clash detection using integrated geospatial and BIM data, identifying spatial conflicts and coordination issues early in the design process to mitigate risks and optimize project outcomes. 
  4. Construction Management: Support construction management activities by utilizing integrated geospatial and BIM data for site logistics planning, progress tracking, and spatial visualization of construction activities, enabling better coordination and communication among project stakeholders. 
  5. Asset Management: Leverage integrated geospatial and BIM data for asset management and facility operations, including spatially enabled asset inventories, condition assessments, and maintenance planning, to optimize asset performance and lifecycle management. 
  6. Training and Support: Provide training and support to project teams and stakeholders on utilizing integrated geospatial and BIM data for improved project planning, design coordination, and construction management, and facilitate knowledge transfer to enhance team capabilities. 

Skills Required (Knowledge and Skills) 

  1. GeoBIM Strategy
  2. Geotechnical Modelling
  3. GIS and BIM Integration
  4. Data Integration
  5. Spatial Analysis
  6. Quality Assurance 

Key Attributes (Experience and Qualifications) 

1. Bachelors/Masters Degree in Engineering (any discipline)

2. Minimum 0-5 years experience in GeoBIM/Geotechnical Modelling.

Education Requirement :

First class degree in the respective discipline of Engineering having minimum 60% marks in aggregate.

Experience Requirement :
  1. Delivered Seminars.
  2. Led / Participated in a project.
  3. Ability to Deep dive in discussions.
  4. Ability to analyse.
    5. Ability to understand the big picture.
  5. Team player.
  6. Ownership mind set.
    8. Open to Learn.
  7. Report writing.
  8. Customer Value
    11. Respect
    12. Integrity
    13. ExcellenceExperience 0-2 years

Skills & Competencies :

  • Awareness of Refining and Petrochemical process.
  • Awareness of current technologies such as SAP / Mobility / Sharepoint / Java etc.
  • Understanding of Sales and Product Management for Polymer / Rubber / Textile businesses
  • Awareness of concepts of equipment related to respective discipline.
  • Project planning and management skills 

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