Life of a Mechanical Professional!
Life of a Mechanical Professional!

Life of a Mechanical Professional!

  • Post last modified:January 21, 2020

10 Shades of Grey – Life of a Mechanical Professional!

  • Daily travel of long hours – Most of the Manufacturing / Automobile companies are situated on the outskirts of the city area. Typically one has to travel 25 to 40km one side to reach his/her workplace. And since most of the factories start in early morning at 8.00 am, one has to start as early as 6.30 am in the morning. Because of this, all the Kumbhkaran turned to be Laxman. (PS: Laxman never slept during 14 years of exile)
  • Monotonous Uniform: Almost all Automobile companies in India have a uniform for their factory premise. However, it is good in one way as you need not worry daily what to wear. But on the darker side it makes life quite bore sometimes. Since everyone prefers casuals for the weekend, one starts longing to wear Formals. I knew a few people who just have one or two pair of formal clothing that also comes in use during a Job interview.
  • Nontypical days: The most hilarious thing about this job is that there isn’t a typical day – in the morning I can be inspecting a bus with a technician to find any defects that might affect it in service or dealing with an awkward complaint from a customer. In the afternoon I can be in the board room with company directors discussing how we can save money or work better.
  • No Onsite – Like IT guys, there is no Onsite for Mechanical Professional. We only got foreign travel to either to see or buy new technology/machines. That trip also does not last more than a week. Frequently clarifying to your parents, relatives, friends as to why you’ve not gone for any “business trip” (onsite) while Sharma Ji’s son from your colony has been on various trips to bizarre countries. “He must be working well or his company is better than yours?” is what they conclude immediately regardless of your explanation.
  • No Girls – Which bird is it?? Melancholically after so much encouragement to women empowerment in India still there is very low gender ratio in Indian Automobile companies. No Girls, No relationship basically No Life. Also, those who have girlfriends outside (lucky chap!!) feel a problem in maintaining the relationship. (we only know how to maintain machine ).
  • Contrary Being the only Girl – How do you feel if you are the only girl among 50 men in your office. That’s how it is in Indian Automobile Industry. Not only you feel lonely also FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • Antisocial Bosses – Most of the biggies will be either German or Japanese. Or if you are lucky to have an Indian Boss than he will be aged enough for not to hang out with. Leave hangout they don’t even understand your basic problem. “ We were treated like this so you should also get the same treatment” is their motto. Unlike IT, where it is cool to have drinks with Boss.
  • No Money – Salary comes in peanuts and disappears within two-three days of its credit into the bank account. No Bonus, low-performance pay! Rent, bills, dues eat away the big chunk and we are left with bread crumbs. In the last week of the month, everyone has to go through a cruel test of the market- survival of the cheapest.
  • When you visit home, it’s expected from you to repair all the issues relating to Mixer, Grinder, Scooter, Bicycle, Laptop, Smartphone, Printer, Fridge, microwave, basically anything which is machines. UFF!!! For Heaven’s sake don’t embarrass us, we, in general, don’t possess any practical knowledge.
  • Appraisal / Rating time is like Indo Pak War. No less than a real-life Game of Thrones, where you and your manager try all possible ways to gain an advantage over each other. Those who were weak in Stats also understand Normal distribution at that time and try to fit themselves within the bell curve. Another Darwin’s law applies here – Survival of Smartest.

Purpose of this article is only creating humor, the actual life of a mechanical professional is way better than anybody, As said: “We move the world”.

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