How to get a job if you are a fresher?

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Getting a job is a tedious task, One has to be patient while searching for a job. Especially Freshers, Freshers are an easy target for frauds and consultants. As they are ready to pay anything to get a job. Getting a job for a fresher is not easy but not much hard though.

How to search for a job if you are a fresher?

How to search for a job if you are fresher?

  1. Build a short and informative resume.

    A resume is actually your virtual image. The resume should be as short and as informative possible. For example, I write I am working as a mechanical engineer in XYZ company joined on 02 June 2019 instead, I should write Mechanical Engineer at XYZ company form 02 Jun 2019.

  2. Make a list of all companies in your area.

    As a fresher, Making a list of all available companies in your area. if one of the most important steps in job searching. If you do not know how many companies are there or which domain companies are there in your area how can you apply for a position in them.

  3. Visit their career section on the website and post your resume.

    The career section is the best way to reach the actual recruiters. Job portals like, Quikr jobs, Timesjobs or monster are full of spam, you will get nothing but only fraud call from them no need to upload your resume there instead indeed is better from all of them, from indeed you might find an actual recruiter.

  4. Make a phone call or Send a Email.

    Some of the companies do not update their career section also Some of the companies do not have careers section. For such companies, you have to call on the phone numbers from their website and tell them to transfer your call to the Hr department or you can send a mail to Hr.

  5. Patience

    If you have done all the steps above you just have to wait patiently. After some days you will surely start getting calls from companies.

Some FAQs from freshers

What to do if you are getting interviews but not getting a job?

If you getting job interview calls but not getting a job then You should work on your skills. Getting Skilled is the most important thing to get a job.

Which is the best job portal for mechanical engineers?

The best job portal for any Jobseeker is, As it has the least spam and consultants as compared to all other job portals.

How freshers can recognize if the caller is fraud or consultant?

If the caller is fraud or consultant he or she will talk in Hindi, that also very bad. They will tell you that they are calling from so and so company (any big name or or and will ask what do you do and what are your qualifications and will try to imitate an original recruiter. They will tell you that they will get you a job in Tata, Birla, Mahindra including all popular names.
Also, they will offer you an amount that you can’t believe like 50,000 or 80,000 rupees per month. And when they feel you are convinced they will ask for some documentation charge or registration charge.

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