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Position – Shift Engineer- Mumbai
Company – CBRE
Location – Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN

Job description

Shift engineers report to a Property Manager. He is responsible for supporting a company’s engineering and maintenance operations. Candidates who have an electrical /mechanical aptitude, good communication skills, and the ability to work both independently and within a team are best suited for this position. Flexibility is required because work shifts are normally eight to 10 hours and may include mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even weekends.

Supervise Team– Delegate tasks to subordinate technicians and operators and oversee their performance. They also take charge of all aspects of operations during their assigned shift.

Perform Preventative Maintenance– He will ensure work equipment is functioning properly and is in compliance with safety standards by performing scheduled maintenance in a timely manner.

Complete Maintenance Work Orders-To maximize operation efforts, he will handle multiple work orders from various departments and resolve the issues on a priority basis.

Maintain Records-During their shift he will maintain the record and keep a logbook of the work completed. They are responsible for maintaining complete and accurate operational records in order to document performance.

Control Inventory– He will monitor and track maintenance supplies and parts, replenishing inventory as needed.

Decision-making– shift engineers receive competing maintenance issues and must be able to determine the best order of priority.

Communication skills –Effectively communicate with subordinates, supervisors, and other shift engineers to coordinate and delegate tasks and devise process improvements.

Troubleshooting– to help keep operations running smoothly, shift engineers have to quickly assess and identify equipment malfunctions.

Time management – work assigned to shift engineers must be completed before the next shift starts, which requires strong time management.

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