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Ball Corporation is hiring a Jr Engineer for Chittoor in andhrapras=desh. At least 2+ years in maintenance / Operation.
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Position – Jr Engineer – BE (Mechanical)

Company – Ball Corporation
Location – Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, IN

Job description


Sprays and Necker Production associate is member of shift operation team and is responsible for smooth operation and maintenance of Sprays and Neckers in can making line. He will work safely and produce quality product in the Sprays and Necker area. He will strive hard to achieve area KPI’s through active participation and teamwork and will work actively in improvement activities, TPM, 5’s activities in the area. He will play key role in size changeovers and achieve best in class changeover time.

  • Responsible of the Operation of Spray machines. Ensure the Spray Machines are utilized and operated to their optimum speed and efficiency. Operate and maintain Spray ancillaries – Spray totes handling / loading, Spray dust system, can cooling system, Nordson Spray system, IBO Ovens, conveying.
  • Conducts periodic cleaning of Spray machines using proper PPE and procedures. Inspects Spray machines for lacquer coverage on periodical basis.
  • Operates Necker machines. Ensure the Necker is operated and utilized to its optimum speed and efficiency. Operate and maintain Necker ancillaries – Infeed, exit, Vision Camera system and mixed lable camera system.
  • Conducts Safety checks in Sprays and Neckers within first two hours of start of shift and logs down findings and corrective actions.
  • Conducts Operation / Maintenance checks in sprays and Necker, takes corrective actions on time. If any support is needed, he will discuss with area leader and completes the corrective actions. Updates machine log books, Note down the corrective action taken in the shift.
  • Ensure the cans produced in Sprays and Necker meet all quality specification. Does the Quality checks takes corrective actions on time for any deviation. Responsible for CCP- Inside spray Curing. Follows proper procedure / measures in his shift to control the CCP.
  • Ensure Spray dot system works in optimum condition. Replace ink cartridges as necessary.
  • Responsible for line clearance after lable changes (mixed lables – CCP). Ensure proper line clearance is done, all old lable cans (including scrap cans) are removed from area so that mixed lables are not passed to customers.
  • Maintains the area and the equipment in accordance with housekeeping and hygiene standard. Maintains Housekeeping during shift hours and handovers the shift with good housekeeping.
  • Responsible for area spoilage target. Addresses the spoilage concerns (jams, tripped cans, Fallen Cans in oven) and take swift action to get the abnormal condition back on track.
  • Utilize the opportunities (Standby time, lable change time or any other natural downtime) and does Corrective maintenance activity in the area as planned / requested by team leader.
  • Safety: Near miss reporting. Participates in Behavior based safety (BBS). Attends all safety trainings. Follows department and plant safe practices. Uses proper tools in his work and maintains / stores them safely.
  • Responsible for handling Flammable liquids safely in the area. Handles, stores, uses and disposes all flammable liquids and associated waste (soaked rags etc.) in accordance with plant standard. Understand solid waste management system. Ensure all the waste generated (including hazardous wastes – Spray dust, semi-solid lacquer waste) in the area are segregated / handled and disposed-off according to the plant standard.
  • Responsible for lacquer consumption. Maintains the Spray Machine in optimum condition throughout the shift (within pressure limits / Gun angle settings, and replace filters on time as per Schedule) to ensure lacquer consumption is on target.
  • Responsible to control HFI related to the sprays area (High mA). Keep vigil of Spray coverage, ensure can cooling system is working properly, and lacquer temperature is controlled. Gain Expertise in I-Trax and keep the system in optimum level to control the High mA HFI.
  • Responsible for light tester operation. Inspect light tester on periodical basis as per procedure. Inform Team leader if any issues.
  • Responsible for Camera spoilage. Analyze camera spoilage and take swift actions on periodical basis. If the spoilage is from other area, inform the other operating team members and ensure spoilage is controlled.
  • Beginning of shift take the handover from the outgoing shift team member, understand the issues in the area, actions taken. Discuss with team leader and plan for the day. Ensure to receive the area with proper housekeeping, all scrap bin cleared and scrap is counted.
  • Actively participate in companies’ Continuous Improvement initiatives e.g. Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, SMED, 5S, ISO, etc. Conduct lean manufacturing activities and participate in audits as per company requirements. Attend area team meetings on a periodic basis. Drives are improvement agendas based on meeting outcomes.
  • Gain experience in periodic maintenance of sprays / Nordson and Necker. Work closely with the engineering team and support the Maintenance and up-keeping of area equipment. Support engineering resources for periodic maintenance as needed.
  • Gain experience in Sprays Gun Set up / Pressure setup and I-Trax setup.
  • Gain experience in Necker pin height setup, Flanger, and waxer setup. Aquitaine with reformer diameter and depth setting.
  • Work closely with engineering resources for changeover activities.
  • Update the area log book. Note down the corrective action taken during the shift.
  • Responsible for corrective Maintenance in his area during his shift. Work on instruction from the team leader / Engineering resources to get the equipment back in operation with the least possible downtime.
  • Gives input for controlling consumables (cleaning aids, nozzles), and machine spares (guides, solenoids, belts, bearings) to team leader/maintenance resources and helps achieve maintenance spending target.
  • Work on SMED for Scratch tooling in Necker. Clean the dies/knockout in Ultrasonic cleaner safely as per procedure and keep them ready for SMED.
  • Participate in IBO Oven cleaning activity.
  • Follows and maintains the organization’s SOPs and safe working practices. Comply with any legal, environmental, and safety, BRC requirements and/or checks.



  • Diploma in Mechanical engineering (8)

Diploma in Mechanical engineering

  • 3 Years of Operation / Maintenance experience in medium-scale FMCG plants such as Chocolates, Biscuits, Soaps, or baby Diapers containing High-speed packing lines, Dust collectors, palletizers, conveying and imported manufacturing equipment.
  • Hands-on experience in the maintenance and troubleshooting of positive displacement pumps, Gearboxes, and Complex assemblies.
  • Experience in operation/maintenance of any Gas fired Equipment – Boilers, Ovens, and Driers.
  • Must be able to work shifts and able to work extended hours on occasions when required.
  • Computer literacy and the ability to generate reports. Ability to read, understand and develop engineering drawings.
  • Good knowledge of Mechanical/hydraulic/pneumatic components
  • Working knowledge of Health and Safety work practices. Must be able to work with flammable liquids and knows to handle hazardous wastes.
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