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Position – Associate Engineer
Company – Air Products
Location – Vadodara, Gujarat, IN

Job description

Job Description and Qualifications



To deliver safe, fit for purpose MSE designs to an agreed schedule to meet a pre agreed budget. This will include checking and approving their deliverables and to ensure the deliverables are correct before issuing them to the project. These deliverables include preparing Piping material specifications, Valve & inline item requisitions, input to line lists and Pressure Test guidelines

Nature and Scope

The job holder is one of the key members of the design team having responsibility for the mechanical systems engineering. The job holder is responsible for specifying piping, valves, special piping items among other MSE activities.


  • Responsible for the design of 1000 to 5 000 MSE man-hours per annum.
  • Responsible for review of corresponding supplier documents.
  • Providing support to other AP engineering centers as workload requires.


  • Preparing piping material specifications
  • Design calculations such as pressure-temperature rating, pipe wall thickness, Branch reinforcement Pad etc.
  • Preparing requisitions for valves and Special Piping Items
  • Selecting Pipe Class and Insulation Specifications
  • Vendor offer reviews and Technical bid evaluation for piping items
  • Reviewing Vendor documents such as GA drawings, Material test certificates, Inspection test reports etc.
  • Producing PED Design Appraisal Packages and Technical Files
  • Oxygen Piping materials selection
  • Preparing pressure test diagram
  • Coordinates technical issues with other disciplines on projects including constructability requirements.
  • Carry out technical reviews and audits of potential Indian Valve & Piping bulk suppliers
  • Perform oxygen material operational readiness inspections for local projects
  • Experience in working/ leading Gasification and petrochemical refineries plants.


  • Mechanical Engineering Degree and work experience of around 3 to 6 years.
  • Must be fully conversant with the Industry codes and standards such as ASME, ASTM, API,MSS SP etc.
  • Must have proven ability as a lead specialist engineer as shown by the successful completion of projects both in terms of engineering man-hours, item costs, and item integrity.
  • Must have proven commercial awareness as demonstrated during the successful procurement of valves and piping equipment and the execution of contracts. Should have ability to negotiate with suppliers on design, cost, quality, and delivery issues.
  • Experience in working with engineers to agree materials, manufacturing methods, non-destructive testing requirements etc. Participate in Material Steering Committee to approve and agree material requirements.
  • Experience in preparing Piping and Material Specifications for projects. Calculating wall thickness and branch reinforcement requirements and write special project specific Piping Class Specifications (PCS) and Material Purchase Specifications (MPS).
  • Experience in Selecting and specifying manual valves using the SPP&ID. Prepare Valve Summaries and download valve data via Smart Plant Materials to Design and Procurement in a timely manner to meet the project schedule.
  • Experience in Selecting and specifying all in-line piping equipment (SP Items).
  • Experience in Vacuum Jacket piping Design and Supply Specifications including data from Piping Design and Stress engineers.
  • Experience in preparing manual valve and piping equipment enquiries, vendor offer reviews and reviewing vendor drawings.
  • Experience in selecting and specifying on the P & ID the insulation specifications and insulation thickness to be used on projects.

Req No. – 30856BR

Employment Status – Full Time

Organization – Global Engrg Mfg Technology & Equipment

Business Sector / Division – Global Engineering Procurement & Quality CI

Region – India

Country – India

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