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Position – Engineer
Company – Aditya Birla Group
Exp. – 4 to 8 years
Location – Gujarat, IN

Job Description:

1       Budget Quantities 
Maintain Availability of utility equipment to achieve budgeted production.       * Coordination with the production dept for their production plan and requirements
* To procure and maintain spares to support any breakdown/critical requirements/modifications
* To attend to all production-specific job requirements e.g. line/strainer opening, cleaning, decoking,
* To do breakdown/why-why analysis and RCA to find the root cause of a breakdown and attend the same for removing future possibilities of same.
2 Quality  
Implement & Execute SOPs to achieve quality of utilities & mechanical work As per production requirementTo ensure the quality of utilities.To procure material with test certificates and checking of same before material approval and usage.To ensure procurement of equipment through approved QA plan and stage wise inspections.To carry out maintenance or modification work in Right first time concept to avoid rework and poor quality.Ensure job completion, closing of permit and housekeeping for execution of each job and work permit.To develop SMPs for each maintenance work and PM work
3. Reliability 
Follow Preventive Maintenance as per SAP PM module, predictive maintenance system & condition based monitoring system of utilities to enhance the reliability of utility equipments.To develop Preventive Maintenance planner, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly check list.Implementation of PM schedule in plant in coordination with production dept to take permit and carry out the PMTo procure Condition based system tools and mapping equipment’s & piping condition/healthiness, alarm signals and taking preventive action on same.To develop do’s and don’ts for each equipment 
4. Project Management 
Coordinate and implement Detail engineering, procurement, expediting and site execution activities of utility packages and piping in project Timely and optimized costTo provide critical mechanical inputs during BEP and detail engineering.To review all detail engineering mechanical documents like MDS/MR/ENQUIRY/OFFERS/TBA/DRAWINGS/QAP/FIANL DRAWING.To coordinate & inspect & clear all stage wise and final inspections of equipment/piping/packages and their timely delivery at site.To coordinate, execute and closely monitor erection and commissioning of plant equipment/piping and packages.
5 People Development­
Impart training and motivate team members of utility in various aspects of utility area for ensuring availability of required skill set and talent for identified positions & workTo identify training needs of individual and team of Utility.To create rotational system of all team members from Operation to maintenance of utility equipments.To give equipment and area ownership for better understanding of each area and equipment to individual
6 Safety, Health & Environment 
To Monitor Statutory & SHE compliance includes DuPont safety systems applicable in Utility Un-interrupted Operations of plantsTo do safety observations and prevent unsafe act/practices at work.To carry out all cold/hot work and height work jobs as per standard rules and procedures as per DuPont.To do incident investigation and evaluate same as IISC member.To do PSM as per DuPont standard. 
7 Corporate Initiatives 
Implement effective WCM and IMS practice in utility area for overall productivity and working conditions  To implement 5S and housekeeping practices in mechanical area.To create visuals in all utility & ETP areas.
8 Organization 
Execute customer audits requirement pertaining to area of concern Facility ApprovalTo up keep of the plant on daily basis from mechanical side.Keeping records of all data for viewing of customer in case. 


Bachelor Of Engineering

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